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Northeast Ohio Sisters in Crime is a chapter of Sisters in Crime, an organization of over 3500 members with chapters all over the country.

Founded in 1986 by bestselling crime writer Sara Paretsky, the national organization is dedicated to supporting mystery readers and writers, particularly women in the genre. All are welcome into the membership. Members of NEOSinC must first be members of National to join.

See National’s website for a schedule of dues. Chapter dues are $20/year. Dues may be prorated for those joining later in a calendar year.

Both National and the chapter provide a host of benefits to emerging mystery writers, including networking, continuing education, and exposure opportunities. Readers benefit from announcements of new titles and mystery news sent directly to your inbox, as well as early alerts of upcoming author programs in the area. Both National and the chapter have active email listservs.

NEOSinC Board

Irma Baker, President

Jane Ann Turzillo, Vice-President

Kim Hammond, Treasurer

Paula Corrao, Newsletter Editor

Donna Feldman, Program Chair

Shelley Costa, Member-at-Large

Lisa Kaplan, Member-at-Large

Non-Board Duties

Cari Dubiel, Webmaster / National Library Liaison / Venue Liaison

Amanda Flower, Listserv and Social Media Manager

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Congratulations everyone! The workshop/retreat was terrific–well organized, fun, inspiring. I got that dose of energy that I had been hoping for. And everyone was so gracious and welcoming.

    Two things to ask: First, I wanted to contact Nancy Pickard, found her website and sent her a message. But it didn’t work, keep asking for my first name and wouldn’t accept my message. Do you have a better way to contact her?

    Second, the nice Sisters in Crime book mark (with that great quote from Hemingway) lists the NEOSINC address as .com, not .org. I assume you already know about that?


  2. Greetings! I attended the 33rd Annual Western Reserve Writers’ Conference Saturday, and I was energized to join SinC by all the great discussion of it. I had been thinking about it, in part because Sara Paretsky is an idol of mine, but meeting the “boots on the ground” local women definitely tipped me into action. Please tell me what you need from me so I can get active locally. Many thanks.

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